Preparing for your visit

Please follow all instructions from your physician’s office. Your physician should have given specific instructions to be followed before, the day of and after your surgery. If you have not been provided instructions, please contact the physician who scheduled your surgery. Please ensure a responsible adult is available to arrive and leave with you.

Day of surgery

The Grove City Surgery Center staff will inform you of your arrival time, usually about two hours before your procedure. In the preoperative area, the anesthesiologist, your surgeon and your nurse will answer any questions you may have prior to surgery. Be sure to bring a valid photo ID and insurance card. Wear lose-fitting clothing and comfortable shoes; avoid high heels or flip-flops.

After surgery

After surgery, you’ll be closely monitored. You will be discharged to a responsible adult when your vital signs are stable and all criteria are met. If you did not have sedation, you may be discharged immediately. Your surgeon will provide written instructions for your home care, activity level and prescriptions.

Download our patient brochure for more information about Grove City Surgery Center and what to expect before, the day of and after surgery.

Patient Brochure